the Great Interior design challenge book

The Great Interior Design Challenge is the official tie-in book to the recent BBC 2 programme. It provides inspiration on how to decorate with style with case studies covering all room types, ideas on schemes, decoration and upcyling projects as well as expert advice from interior designers Sophie and Daniel.

We’re all really pleased that the book has hit the number one best seller on Amazon this week. You can buy your own copy here:

The book takes a look at a variety of historical architectural styles across the UK, from Regency to Victorian and Edwardian to Art Deco right up to modern industrial warehouse conversions. The designers, featured within the book, have the task of updating these rooms for the families’ modern day living, so there is lots of take home inspiration for decorating within the style of your own home. Including a number of upcycle projects from the TV series, technical know-how by author Katherine Sorrell and insider tips from the judges, this book will help the amateur achieve professional results.